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Benefits of Transformational Breath®

Release Trauma

Releases past trauma stored in the cellular memory

Clear Breathing

Clears restrictive patterns of breathing

Increase Energy

Increases and balances energy in the body

Improve Physical Health

Improves disease, infertility, PMS and heart health

Release Stress

Releases fear, anxiety, panic, depression and grief


Increases circulation, oxygenates and detoxifies

Increase Joy, Peace and Clarity

Creates space allowing a return to your natural state

Clear Limiting Beliefs and Patterns

Brings up and clears out subconscious patterns

Deepen Connection to Self

Deepens the connection to your Highest Self

Positive Affirmation

I deserve the best, and I accept it now. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask. ~Louise Hay


Private Sessions at Home



Private sessions in your home

Individual Sessions



Personalized, one-on-one sessions in our office

Group Sessions



Group sessions in studios, offices or private homes

About Lindsay Kaufmann

Lindsay was born in San Marino, California and resides near Lake Tahoe. After a painful tragedy of losing her mother, she tried many modalities, including professional therapy and treatment for PTSD.


During this time of recovery, she discovered Transformational Breath® as a way to work through tremendous grief and found it to be the most effective technique in her personal healing journey. The power of breathwork helped her to discover her life purpose. She is now a trained practitioner of Transformational Breath® with a sincere desire to offer the gift that she received in service to others.

Lindsay Kaufmann Transformational Breath®


Transformational Breath® Tahoe


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